Friday, 27 January 2012


I've had my nose stuck in this book all week so I've no stitching to share, sadly but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My SIL let me borrow it and I've been lost to the 21st century this week to be immersed in pioneer times in America. I love historical novels and romances - my excuse is it might be entitled' A Log Cabin Christmas', but it's almost Feb 14 and we love some romance in the air!

So if you love Little House on the Prairie etc and you want a fun , light but uplifting read, I can recommend this collection of short stories.

I just want to give you all a smile this weekend by quoting some of the funny children's sayings from the first story in the book - but don't worry, I won't give the story away!
Remember it's set at Christmas time so the children have been asked to relate something from the Christmas nativity.

Miss Parker's class 1885~

By Priscilla, age 8: When Jesus was born, Mary wrapped him in swatting clothes because of all the flies in the stable.

By Casey, age 7: Jesus had twelve opossums, which went out into the world to preach.
Our opossum just hangs from the tree in the back yard.

By Charles, age 6: After Jesus was born, the sky was filled with heavenly holes.

By Robert, age 8: The three wise men brought Jesus Francis and mirth for his birthday, but he really wanted tin soldiers.

George age 6: When God said there should be peace on earth, I don't think he meant us to eat them.

Don't kids say the funniest things?
I enjoyed them and hope you do too!

Have a great weekend!